Scarlet Nexus Review

scarlet nexus review

Since its trailer first dropped, the new game has been the subject of a huge amount of intrigue. Fans have lauded the game’s fluid combat, art style, and chaotic world, and have compared it favorably to previous anime-style action role players. The question that remains for many is: Does Scarlet Nexus live up to the hype? This Scarlet Nexus review will take a closer look into the game’s storyline as well as its gameplay.


Tales of Xillia featured a parallel plot, but Scarlet Nexus does not have that problem. The player controls two main characters, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Each has a different play style and is in a different platoon. This allows players to customize the experience for each character. The story is also quite story-intensive, so players can choose between playing as different characters.

As we mentioned before, this action-fantasy RPG will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. It will also be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X. Tales is also being developed by the same developers. Keita Iizuka, Kenji Anabuki, and Masakazu Yamashiro worked on the game’s story and character design. The game will be available for all major consoles starting June 25, 2021.

The main gameplay in Scarlet Nexus is based on third-person perspective and features similar aesthetics to Devil May Cry and Codevein. It’s actually an anime version Codevein. Players fight aliens by using weapons equipped on their bodies and psychokinetic abilities. They can use complex combinations to defeat their enemies. You can also unlock skills from your character’s Brain Map or skill tree. Unlocking these skills costs Brain Points, which are spent to upgrade the character’s abilities.

While the overall experience of the game is enjoyable, it’s not the best. While the game is relying heavily on familiar anime tropes, it does feature a compelling world and fun combat. The game’s gameplay is average. But if you’re looking for an anime game, you won’t be disappointed. So, if you’re looking for a good time, try it out. You might even discover a new favorite!


The graphics of Scarlet Nexus, an action-fantasy role playing game, are stunning. The game is set in a bizarre zombie apocalypse, and it features a dual story mechanic and flashy combat. This game is a must-have if you love action-RPGs. The stunning graphics will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Here are some facts about the graphics.

Scarlet Nexus’ visual style and music are some of the best in recent memory. Although there is a significant difference between Xbox One & PlayStation 5, the game looks great on both. It also features a great combat system, which expands as you play the game. Though the game’s graphics aren’t perfect, the game’s performance will make it a worthy purchase.

Scarlet Nexus’ graphics are a perfect mix of RPG and anime elements. The Suoh backdrop is lavishly plotted and the Kikuchiba Merchant City is heavily inspired by classic works of anime like Akira. No matter what your preference, the game’s visual style is sure to please fans from both anime and manga. The game’s world is based on the idea that mankind is able to tap into special abilities to save their world. This world may seem idyllic, but it is not.

In terms of PC requirements, Scarlet Nexus has minimal PC requirements. You can play the game with ease if you have a high-quality graphics card. Just make sure your PC can handle the game’s minimum system requirements. The game will be out on June 24. There is a chance that the graphics may not be as sharp on your computer. Make sure you have plenty of memory and a fast system.


Scarlet Nexus’ storyline features two main characters. Yuito Sumeragi, who comes from a powerful family, and Kasane Randall, who is adopted by a rich family. Both characters are similar, but each character is driven by their own desires. For most of the game, the storyline will center around Yuito, though there are some subtle differences.

The premise of the Scarlet Nexus storyline is about climate change. Humans have irreparably damaged the Earth’s habitat. Humans have colonized the Moon to stop further destruction and spent the last thousand year developing terraforming technology. When that technology is developed, humans will send colonists down to the earth, including Yuito’s ancestor Yakumo Sumeragi. Various plot points are revealed as the story progresses.

Scarlet Nexus’ plot is complex. It involves multiple characters and a lot of exposition. While the combat is competent and stylish, the storyline lacks any standout characters. While the companions of the main characters are memorable, such as Shiden, Arashi, and the antagonists, each has their own distinct personalities. The majority of characters share the same face and are therefore very generic. Their outfits are the most important aspect of characterisation.

Kasane Randall plays the protagonist in the second game. She uses her powers against enemies to throw things at them. She can use Kagero’s invisibility to do more damage as she gets closer to her companion. Gemma’s damage negating capabilities can also be used by Yuito. As she gains friends, she will be able use more powerful abilities, spells, and will be able help her deal with enemy troops.

Cast support

Anime fans will enjoy the supporting cast and game’s secret codes. The game’s hidden codes are redeemable in-game for rewards. Although the game’s story is largely exposition heavy, the English dub is a welcome improvement. The audio was originally in Japanese before the game was released. However, many anime studios have improved their translations over the years to appeal to Western audiences.

The story of Scarlet Nexus is ambitious. It features characters from different factions within the OSF. Although most players won’t notice any differences between campaigns the game does address difficult issues such as fascism and dystopia. There are many characters to explore. The game also gives you the opportunity to interact with the supporting cast, giving you the chance to explore the different facets of the game and its world.

The OSF has a variety of supporting characters, including Kasane, Yuito, Hanabi Ichijo, and Nagi Karman. These characters can be a support character for you as an OSF recruit. The anime adaptation will show how OSF recruits form a bond with one another. So, while the main cast of Scarlet Nexus is not very large, this cast is certainly one of the most important parts of the game.

The supporting cast of Scarlet Nexus includes the main protagonist Yuito Sumeragi and his team, the Others Suppression Force (OSF). The game features several playable characters who explore different locations and pursue different story lines. So, this is just a brief introduction to a few of these characters. This review should give you a good overview about the main characters of the game. It is unnecessary to discuss the supporting cast here as that is already a major topic of discussion.

Draw distance

When playing Scarlet Nexus, the draw distance is a big issue. When enemies are too far away, they will disappear, even if you’re in the same room. You can disable the draw distance setting if you have a decent system. This will slow down your movement speed. If you are unsure if you can handle the consequences, you should back up your files.

In order to counteract the problem of destroying tension at important points in the story, the developers introduced and then removed story elements that no longer served a purpose. The lack of tension is also caused by the tone-deaf interaction and character development. It was never meant to be so long or complex, so I recommend that you play it for at least a few hours before giving up. It is an incredibly frustrating experience.

Although the world’s realism is not the player’s responsibility, the player can still use their avatar to interact with it. In the game, players’ avatars have a unique point of view. They provide insight and help players to connect with the story. In contrast, NPCs are more void than flesh and blood, and this makes them feel hollow. Therefore, player attention isn’t necessarily directed to the player’s character, but rather to a different NPC.

The scarlet Nexus draw distance can be used to distinguish between your character’s movements from those of the enemy. This is especially useful when trying to decide the best route to take. Unlike in other games, you can also view your character’s position in space. The draw distance is also an important consideration if you want to be able to see all your opponents. The final boss battle is an epic showdown that lets players see how far the player has traveled to get to that point in the game.